Mezzan Holding’s Non-Food Business Line comprises three business divisions; FMCG, responsible for supplying market-leading household products, pharmaceuticals, and industrial.


Our FMCG business division distributes products from 33 premium global brands, many of which are part of every household today. We also manufacture and distribute our own Softy brand. Softy is a high-quality brand with 66 household and perfume products including shampoo, conditioners, and body soaps. Softy products are manufactured and sold in Kuwait and Jordan, and enjoy high brand recognition and visibility in both countries. To know more about our commitment to partners, click here. To know more about our quality commitment to customers and households, click here.


The pharmaceutical business division distributes medicinal, wellness, and healthcare products through retail and wholesale channels. The products we distribute have direct access and nation-wide retail penetration in Kuwait, in addition to 16 pharmacies that we own and operate.


From manufacturing of plastics and carton, to automotive and industrial lube oil,  Mezzan Holding’s Industrials business division complements our other divisions and operations. In plastics, the company supplies companies in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar through Kuwait-based manufacturing facilities.

In cartons, the production primarily serves Mezzan’s other business lines’ demand for packaging materials, such as trays for water bottles, carton boxes for Mezzan meat products and boxes for Mezzan’s Kitco chips and snacks.

In lube oil, Mezzan produces lube oil and recycles oil by-products to to produce motor oil, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, radiator water, mould release oil and other products.

Product Lines

We manufacuture and distribute products in these categories

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