Every day, Mezzan Holding sells thousands of products across seven countries. Products such as Khazan burgers, Kitco chips, Softy soaps, Huggies diapers, Bandaid strips, Lurpak butter, and Tylenol are just some of the products that are consumed and depended on for generations by families.  Having a product that families rely on requires Mezzan Holding to be more than a responsible producer; it requires Mezzan Holding to be committed to the long-term safety of the customers when consuming or using the products.

Mezzan Holding’s commitment to families:

  • Implementing strict food safety standards – We apply strict food safety standards to both the products we produce and the products we distribute so families can be assured that the Mezzan Holding product they buy from their local supermarket is a safe quality product that underwent a comprehensive series of safety and quality checks.
  • Investing in the latest facilities – We invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities to secure and maintain the product’s integrity and quality from factory-to-shelf.
  • Supermarket-side spot checks – Though once the products reach the shelf they cease to be in our custody, as part of our commitment to families we run a series of spot checks to ensure the displayed products and the stocks stored at the supermarket continue to be in top quality condition.
  • Human Development – Mezzan Holding employs chefs, scientists, logistics experts, nutritionists, food safety and quality controllers, packers, drivers and over 7,500 employees who are behind the scene. At Mezzan Holding we are committed to develop our human resources through training and skills development to serve you better.
  • Listening to customers – Some of the brands we manufacture and distribute have been in the market for over 40 years. These brands have evolved with society in terms of taste and in variety through customer feedback and market research. Listening to customers is one of the main commitments we have at Mezzan Holding, whether it’s a an idea for a product or a complaint, we are always ready to listen. Click here to get in touch with us.

As more and more families rely on Mezzan Holding’s products in their daily lives, Mezzan Holding is committed to checks and balances that rest above and beyond what’s required by regulators. Food safety is not an item on a checklist, its our mantra. It is a practice that is instilled across our operations, and only through the strict adherence to food safety and quality standards that are we able to maintain and grow the love our customers have for our products.