In the last 75 years, Mezzan Holding grew from a single store operator to a regional manufacturer and distributor of over ​34,000 SKUs​ from over 1,200 local, regional and global brands.

One of the main drivers of our success is the commitment we have to our partner’s success in our regional markets. We guarantee that each of our partners benefits from Mezzan Holding’s strict values and commitments, including:

  • Efficient distribution & logistical infrastructure

    As Mezzan oversees the distribution of a variety of products, our logistical infrastructure is constantly updated and modernized to fulfill the demand of our ever-growing partners and consumers.

  • State-of-the-art warehousing & storage facilities

    Mezzan Holding controls the largest warehouse and storage facilities in Kuwait, which regularly undergoes a series of safety and quality checks. Our regional facilities across the Gulf, Jordan and Afghanistan follow the same safety and quality procedures ensuring partner products are well maintained and delivered safely.


    We have dedicated marketing teams whose primary goal is to support our partners with strong consumer insights and applied market knowledge.

  • Commitment to growing shelf space & driving market penetration

    Mezzan is dedicated towards withholding its position as the market leader in Kuwait. With our constantly expanding shelf space, strong relationships with regional retailers and applied market knowledge we are continuously increasing our penetration in the GCC.

  • Deep-rooted relationships with supermarkets & retailers for partner brands

    We pride ourselves on our strong relationships over the years with regional supermarkets and retailers. Our dedication to these flourishing relationships translates to premium shelf locations and brand awareness for our partners.

  • Continued market research & pricing recommendation

    We have a committed team that continues to analyse the ideal in-store strategies, pricing strategies, marketing activations and promotions. This allows us to continue to recommend the ideal blueprint that ensures profitability for our partners.