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Mezzan Holding K.S.C.P. was founded in the 1940s and reincorporated in 1999 under the current holding structure with a paid-up capital of KWD 31.13 million. Today, Mezzan Holding’s operations span across the Gulf and other select markets through 29 vertically integrated operating companies. Our legacy brands, including Al Wazzan, KITCO, and Khazan, coupled with our agency brands, have earned superior brand recognition, consumer loyalty, deep market penetration, and vast market reach.
Meals Catered Daily
Manufacturing Facilities


In 2021, Mezzan remained focused on executing the group’s long-term strategies and stepping up growth investments, while at the same time navigating global supply chain challenges and inflation. Mezzan revenue base was strong, with broad-based market share gains, following disciplined execution.
Mezzan’s full-year revenue growth significantly accelerated in 2021 for the food manufacturing and distribution sector versus the previous year, and this proves that the investments the group made in its legacy brands are working.
Mezzan’s catering business line in Qatar successfully concluded a catering services contract at the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 event in Qatar, our subsidiary in Qatar provided food and beverages during the event. This is just a stepping stone for Mezzan to progress and cater even larger events in the future.
By implementing firm management of its working capital, Mezzan has witnessed good cash management and an improvement in the working capital cycle which enabled the group to reduce the borrowing and financing costs. Mezzan Net Debt in December 2021 was lower by KWD 0.5 million compared to the Net Debt of December 2020.
Total assets
Total revenue
Net profit
KWD Millions
Growth (CACR): +6.8%
Current Assets +6.5%
Non-Current Assets +7.1%
Non-Current Assets
Current Assets
KWD Millions
Growth (CAGR): +3.8%
KWD Millions
Growth (CAGR): -11.5%

Understanding Mezzan

Mezzan Holding is an integrated business with commercial operations in manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale, and contract services. The company’s activities, which run through 29 subsidiaries, are grouped into two main business lines: Food Business Line and Healthcare & Consumer Business Line. Each business line directly contributes to Mezzan’s revenue and net profit. Below is an infographic of our business lines and divisions and their contribution to Mezzan Holding’s revenue based on Full Year 2021 audited earnings.

Food Business Line
Generating 67% of the company’s revenue, Mezzan’s Food Business Line operates through its Food Manufacturing and Distribution, Catering, and Services divisions.
Healthcare & Consumer Business Line
Generating 33% of the company’s revenue, Mezzan’s Healthcare & Consumer Business Line comprises FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, and Industrials.

Mezzan At A Glance

Food Business Line
Manufacturing & distribution
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): +2.3%
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): +3.1%
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): +2.1%
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): -3.5%
Healthcare & Consumer Business Line
Fmcg & healthcare
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): +7.5%
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): +8.6%
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): -2.1%