The Services Division in Mezzan collaborates with the group’s portfolio of brands, products, and new food lines, with a vision to enter new markets and offer our clients attainable and profitable business solutions. We have a mindset of creating innovative and reliable solutions for all foodservice requirements in unique locations and a diverse client base. Our clients include a wide range of NGOs, aid agencies, governments, US government prime vendors, private clients, and business-to-business.

In cooperation with the United Nations World Food Programme (UN WFP), we launched a pioneering project that establishes and operates state-of-the-art retail outlets for refugees in five refugee camps located in Jordan and Iraq.

Mezzan Food Supplier

Our relationship with WFP has developed further as we work together under the UN Security Council resolution to provide internally displaced people in Syria with food parcels and food bulk supplies via cross-border and air-drop operations.

Due to our outstanding work and cooperation with various UN Agencies, our subsidiary, Tazweed Ventures, was selected for the International Steering Committee of the SMEs for Humanity initiative ( Agenda for Humanity managed by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

The services division is agile and well placed to create added value for customers. We utilize project management processes to design, build and maintain cost-effective and sustainable solutions for projects and companies in five countries.

Food Products Supplier

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