Every day, Mezzan Holding sells thousands of products to families across the region. Well-renowned products, such as our Khazan burgers, KITCO chips, Huggies Diapers, and Dettol hygiene care are some of our many staple products that have been consumed and enjoyed by families for generations.

This familiar dependency commits Mezzan Holding to go above and beyond with our products, thus ensuring longevity and safety when consuming or in use. No matter the distance, Mezzan assures the following:

  • Implementing strict food safety standards

    We apply strict food safety standards to both the products we manufacture and distribute, so families can be assured that the Mezzan Holding product which they purchased from their local supermarket is a safe quality product that underwent a comprehensive series of safety and quality checks.

  • Investing in the latest facilities

    We invest in modern manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities to secure and maintain the product’s integrity and quality from factory-to-shelf.

  • Supermarket-side spot checks

    As part of our commitment to families, we run a series of spot checks to ensure the displayed products and the stocks stored at the supermarket continue to be in top quality condition.

  • Focusing on human development

    We are passionate about our employees and strongly believe that they are the most valuable resource to the organization. We define our success in management by the level of satisfaction and motivation of our employees, and realize that our vision and direction for success is translated through our people.

  • Listening to consumers

    Some of the brands we manufacture and distribute have been in the market for over 40 years. These brands have evolved with society in terms of taste and in variety through consumer feedback and market research. Listening to our consumers is one of the main commitments we have at Mezzan Holding, we have a dedicated consumer service team that is ready to listen to any suggestions.

  • Commitment to Communities and Future Generations

    Mezzan Holding has relentlessly been striving to give back to the community and creating shared value for the Group and different sectors of the society. We have been continuously organizing blood donation campaigns with Kuwait Central blood bank. We also closely work with the Kuwaiti Red Crescent for various philanthropic initiatives in the region. Mezzan holding also believes in shaping the future generations, we hold various training sessions & seminars and are closely working with institutions such as Gulf University for Science and Technology, Australian College of Kuwait and others to provide internship opportunities, training & development sessions.

  • Food safety is our mantra

    As families grow, the reliance on Mezzan Holding products grows too. Mezzan Holding is committed to conducting the maximum number of quality checks beneficial to our consumers. Food safety is our mantra, it is a practice that is instilled across our operations, and only through the strict adherence to food safety and quality standards are we able to maintain and grow our consumer loyalty.

  • Association with the United Nations World Food Programme

    One of our pioneering projects is establishing and operating state-of-the-art retail outlets for refugees in five refugee camps in Jordan and Iraq, in cooperation with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). We work with the WFP under the UN Security Council resolution to provide internally displaced people in Syria with food parcels and food bulk supplies via cross-border and air-drop operations. Due to our outstanding work and cooperation with various UN Agencies, our subsidiary, Tazweed Ventures, was selected for the global steering committee of SMEs for Humanity initiative (SME4H.org), part of the Agenda for Humanity managed by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.