Today, Mezzan Holding’s operations span across the Gulf and other select markets through 34 vertically integrated operating companies. We work in over six countries and sell 2.9 million items daily from over 1,200 brands. We have set our footprints in ‘tamween’, cooperatives, supermarkets, hypermarkets, mini-marts, and others. Our legacy brands, including Al Wazzan, KITCO, and Khazan, coupled with our partner brands, have earned superior brand recognition, consumer loyalty, deep market penetration, and vast market reach.

We pride ourselves on being reliable distribution partners for the food category and capabilities to achieve qualitative and quantitative success. One of the main drivers behind our continuous growth is the commitment we have to our partners’ success.

Food Processing Companies

Our distribution line provides a modern and optimized approach to distributing foodstuff across all the markets we operate in. We are proud of our partnerships with other premium food brands such as General Mills, Pillsbury, Nestle, Green Giant, Kraft Foods, Betty Crocker, Beyond Meat across the GCC.

We contribute our success to the following pillars:


Efficient distribution & logistical infrastructure

Our depots in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar ensure we have proper reach across all markets, and are within an arm’s reach of all consumers. In UAE alone, we have 867 on-premise distribution and 4,288 off-premise distribution outlets.

Food Distribution Companies in Kuwait

Efficient distribution tools

We have incorporated modern tools to support sales, which include:

  • Mobile Sales System: We’ve incorporated modern distribution tools to support sales in multiple divisions. Our mobile sales system utilizes advanced technologies to record and track direct sales, deliveries, payments, and stocks. This method enables us to manage logistics and sales processes efficiently for all our partners.
  • Vehicle Tracking System: Our vehicle tracking system provides reliable and accurate navigation data. We remotely track our vans using GPS technology to ensure and control maximum distribution and market coverage. Our advanced tracking system covers sites visited, distance traveled, goods delivered, and generates reports.
Chips Distribution Companies in Saudi Arabia
  • Route Management: Our routes are optimized to balance travel and service time. We assign and sequence sales, service, and delivery days to create optimized routes that match route loads. Re-routing our deliveries reduces travel distances by 35% and decreases fuel costs.
  • Reporting system: Our system correlates gathered data to provide custom reports that are used to develop more informed business decisions. This approach provides us with the ability to receive timely, actionable information and look at route, channel, region, brand, and SKU data in different dimensions.
Snacks Distribution Company in Saudi Arabia

State of the art warehousing & storage facilities

We control one of the largest warehouses and storage facilities in the GCC, which regularly undergo safety and quality checks. We have strategically located sales, stock, and distribution facilities, including automatically powered shuttles that carry product loads to all locations, including ambient, chilled, and frozen products. This allows us to provide specific support services for all the food categories we operate in.

Deep-rooted relationships with supermarkets & retailers for partner brands

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships over the years with regional supermarkets and retailers. Our dedication to these flourishing relationships translates to premium shelf locations and brand awareness for our partners. We currently distribute the food items in major vital retailers such as Sultan Center, Carrefour, Choithram, Danube, Spinneys Cooperatives, supermarkets, hypermarkets, mini-marts, and others.