The food business line is an integral part of Mezzan’s operations and success, serving families for generations. Mezzan’s Food Business Line operates through four primary divisions: Food Manufacturing, Food Distribution, Catering, and Services, generating 68.6% of the company’s revenue.


Mezzan Holding’s manufacturing division produces chips and snacks, meats, bottled water and canned foods through production facilities in Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and KSA.


Mezzan provides long-term retail and wholesale distribution services to over 100 global food brands in Kuwait, the UAE, and other regional markets. Many of the products distributed by Mezzan Holding enjoy market leadership positions in their respective market segments.


Mezzan Holding provides large-scale contract catering services to corporations, hotels, airlines, large employers, industrial sites, healthcare facilities, and government ministries. Our operations in Kuwait and Qatar produce more than 100,000 meals a day.


Mezzan Holding’s experience and infrastructure make it one of the few Gulf companies capable of delivering long-term food supply services to clients with unique or challenging requirements. Currently, the group serves clients in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Jordan, including the UN World Food Programme and other special operators and prime vendor contractors.