Mezzan Holding’s Board of Directors consists of seven members with two independent directors. The board’s primary role is to set and pursue the group’s strategic goals and monitor and evaluate its financial, operational, and safety performance.


    Mr. Moutasem Jassim Mohammed Al Wazzan serves as Director of Mezzan’s FMCG Division. He is responsible for encompassing Mezzan’s international pharmaceutical partners, including Johnson & Johnson and Reckitt Benckiser, in addition to the group’s medical department and pharmacies.

    Under his leadership, the division experienced exceptional growth throughout the years. Mr. Al Wazzan is the creator of Mezzan’s Softy brand and pioneered the group’s entry into Jordan by establishing a state-of-the-art Softy production facility in Mafrek, Jordan. Prior to joining Mezzan, Mr. Al Wazzan held a role at the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, and previously served on the boards of Awal Gulf Manufacturing (Bahrain) from 2003 to 2008, National Textiles in 2008, and was Vice Chairman of AlMutajara Real Estate Company from 2007 to 2013.

    Mr. Moutasem Jassim Mohammed Al Wazzan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. During college, he managed a former Mezzan subsidiary that specialized in air-conditioning and fire-fighting equipment.


    Mr. Mohammed Jassim Mohammed Al Wazzan served as Vice Chairman of the Board and was responsible for driving strategic initiatives for the group pursuant to the company’s successful IPO in 2015, in addition to the role of leading the executive management team.

    Prior to his role on the board, Mr. Al Wazzan was responsible for the group’s strategic entry into many areas and managed the company’s finances and IT department since 1985. He previously served on the boards of the Commercial Bank of Kuwait from 2000 to 2003, and the Commercial Real Estate Company from 2004 to 2009.

    Mr. Mohammed Jassim Mohammed Al Wazzan holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami, USA.


    Mr. Jamal Abdulhameed Al Mutawa serves as a Director at Mezzan Holding. He brings with him over 34 years of experience in the financial sector and banking, 16 of which he served in executive and leadership positions.

    Prior to joining Mezzan, Mr. Al Mutawa held leading roles at the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, including General Manager and Acting Chief Executive Officer from 1999 to 2003, and CEO until his tenure in 2010. Mr. Al Mutawa previously served as Chairman of Kuwait Credit Bureau (CI-NET), National Ranges Company (Mayadeen) from 2009 to 2012, and Cham Bank from 2010 to 2011, and has served on the boards of VISA International CEMEA Region from 1995 to1996, and Al Ahlia Investments from 1997 to 1999.

    Mr. Jamal Abdulhameed Al Mutawa holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California, USA.

  • ABDULWAHAB AHMED AL MARZOUQ Independent Director

    Mr. Abdulwahab Al Marzouq serves as an Independent Director at Mezzan Holding. He has extensive board-level experience in manufacturing, construction, retail, real estate, advertising, and financial companies.

    Throughout his 26-year career, Mr. Al Marzouq has built a track record of working in multi-million Kuwaiti dinar businesses and has previously served on the board of Kuwait’s Commercial Bank from 1997 to 2000. He continues to serve on several boards, including K4 General Trading & Contracting since 1989, British Industries since 1993, and Universe Investments since 2008.

    Mr. Abdulwahab Al Marzouq holds a Bachelor of Public Administration from Point Park University Indiana, USA.


    Mr. Mohammed Aslan Al-Matrouk serves as a Director at Mezzan Holding. He brings with him over 18 years of experience in civil and commercial litigation.

    Mr. Al-Matrouk owns and practices law at Al-Matrouk Law Firm, is the Chairman of the Jadeite Group, the General Manager of ORO Realty Group, the General Manager of Akila Holdings, a custodian of Havana Exchange, a local arbitrator at the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and is the judicial liquidator of Grand Expo, a company that manages exhibitions and conferences.

    Prior to joining Mezzan, Mr. Al-Matrouk was a business partner at Al-Saif & Al-Abduljader and the Chairman of the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association’s Human Rights and Economic Affairs Committees.

    Mr. Mohammed Aslan Al-Matrouk holds a Bachelor Degree in Law from the Faculty of Law at Kuwait University (2004).

  • Mr. Dhiraj Oberoi Director

    Mr. Dhiraj Oberoi joined Mezzan Holding Board of Directors in 2024, bringing over 40 years of pioneering experience in Kuwait’s food industry.

    Mr. Oberoi and Mezzan Holding enjoy a decades-long relationship. He partnered with Mezzan Holding through various roles in Kuwait Biscuit Industries Co. (KBC) and Gulf Manufacturing Company (Sara Cake). As a founding member of the Kuwaiti Indian Trading Company (KITCO), a Mezzan Holding subsidiary, Mr. Oberoi has significantly contributed to the company’s growth, focusing on high-quality food products for both local and overseas markets.

    Mr. Oberoi is the first chairman of the Indian Business Council in Kuwait; he has played a crucial role in boosting business relations between Kuwait and India. His leadership and vision were recognized when Forbes Middle East named him among the top 100 leaders from India in the Arab World by Forbes Middle East.

  • Basil Abdulhamid Al-Salem Independent Director

    Mr. Basil Abdulhamid Al-Salem joined Mezzan Holding Board of Directors in 2024, bringing over two decades of multinational executive experience across regional markets. 

    Mr. Al-Salem is the founder and CEO of Gastronomica Middle East, an award-winning leader in the restaurant industry across the Gulf. He has a unique expertise in restaurant and food establishments, and a strong professional background in finance, investments, joint venture agreements and board-level governance. He also brings a rich financial and commercial experience in food and restaurant operations. Previously, he was an Advisory Board Member to the College of Business Administration at the American University of Kuwait, a board member at United Gulf Shipping and Rocks, and Head of Asset Management at United Real Estate Company. Al-Salem is also a former board member of the Entrepreneurs Organization in Kuwait.

    Mr. Basel Al-Salem holds a bachelor degree in Finance from the University of Denver – Daniels College of Business.


  • AMR FARGHAL CEO for Food and FMCG

    Mr. Amr Farghal joined Mezzan Holding in 2024 as the CEO for Food and FMCG, bringing over 30 years of experience in multinational companies across markets.

    Prior to his appointment, Mr. Amr Farghal served as CEO for Americana Foods. He brings extensive and diverse executive experience, in multinational companies, including 11 years at Pepsi USA, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the UAE, and 9 years at Kellogg’s Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. He also was the managing director for Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited in the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Eurasia.

    Mr. Amr Farghal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University.


    Mr. Omar Samoud joined Mezzan Holding in 2023 and brings with him 32 years of industry experience in multinational companies, such as Nestlé, PwC, and Tetra Pak. 

    Prior to  joining Mezzan, Mr. Samoud served as the CFO of Nestlé Waters in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, where he managed the Finance & Control function for 9 markets and 17 factories with a turnover of $400 million. His previous roles include CFO positions at Nestlé Zone – AOA (Asia – Oceania – Africa), Nestlé – Hellas (Greece, Cyprus & Albania), and Nestlé – NEAR (Northeast Africa). 

    Mr. Omar Samoud holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science (DEA Mathematics, Computer Science, Decision, and Organization) from University of Paris IX Dauphine in France, and a Master’s Degree in Finance & Accounting from HEC France. He is a French Chartered Accountant, and holds a PED (Program Executive Development) Diploma from IMD Switzerland.


    Mr. Jassim Al Wazzan serves as Mezzan Holding’s Deputy CEO for Food and FMCG. Prior to his appointment, he held various executive positions within Mezzan Holding and other companies. He has worked in the fields of law, banking, and food manufacturing and distribution. At Mezzan Holding, he led the expansion of Mezzan Holding’s logistics operations into Saudi Arabia, and the expansion of Mezzan Holding’s food manufacturing operations into the U.A.E. 

    Mr. Al Wazzan is a seasoned executive with board-level experiences across industries and associations, serving on the boards of several Kuwaiti closed-shareholding companies. He is a former member of the Union of Food Traders and Manufacturers in Kuwait and currently serves on the board of directors for Kuwait International Bank as an independent member. 

    Mr. Al Wazzan is a lawyer and a member of the Kuwait Lawyers Society, an Alumnus of Harvard Business School, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Kuwait University.

  • ALI ABDULRAHMAN AL WAZZAN Managing Director for Healthcare

    Mr. Ali Al Wazzan serves as Mezzan Holding MD for Healthcare. Prior to his appointment he was the Executive Director of Investments at Mezzan Holding, responsible for acquisitions, disposals, the IPO program, and working with the CEO on strategic change initiatives.

    Mr. Al Wazzan represents Mezzan Holding on various boards. He is the Vice Chairman of Kuwait Lube Oil Company, a Mezzan subsidiary, since 2010. He also had an active role in restructuring the group’s subsidiaries, including Mezzan’s water business in Qatar, and has led the acquisition of Unitra Mets Group and several prominent company transactions.

    Prior to joining Mezzan, Mr. Al Wazzan worked for Wedian Real Estate/Amlak Holdings (Family Investment Office) and Al Watani Investment Company (NBK Capital). He also previously served as a non-executive Director of Global Investment House KSCC during its restructuring process from 2010 to 2013.

    Mr. Ali Al Wazzan holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Finance from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.


    Dr. Rashed Khazaal joined Mezzan Holding in 2017 with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Today, he is the CEO for Mezzan Holding’s Healthcare division and leads Mezzan subsidiary Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries Company (KSPICO). 

    Prior to joining Mezzan, Dr. Khazaal held various leadership positions in leading Kuwaiti pharmaceutical companies, including the Managing Director of Alghanim Healthcare, and the Senior Pharma & Business Development Manager for YIACO.

    Dr. Rashed Khazaal holds a Doctorate of Business Administration in Action Learning from the University of Liverpool, a Master of Business Administration in Strategy and General Management from Maastricht School of Management, and a Master of Pharmacy from the University of Portsmouth.

  • Timothy Drury Chief Supply Chain Officer

    Mr. Timothy Drury serves as Mezzan Holding Chief Supply Chain Officer, and brings to Mezzan Holding over 30 years of industry experience in multinational companies, including Americana Foods where his last position was Chief Supply Chain Officer.

    He is also a 20-year Unilever veteran, where he managed supply chains for food, beverage, and FMCG lines across multiple continents.

    Mr. Timothy Drury holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Southampton.