Our catering business is focused on enhancing the catering services industry in line with the Al Wazzan business principles and values. Launched in the ’80s, our success is rooted in being one of the leading caterers of Kuwaiti, Middle Eastern, and International menus. Recognized for its tasteful presentation, competitive pricing, and quality of food, our catering arm has become one of the first choices for various institutions and businesses across GCC. We primarily operate through the following subsidiaries across the GCC.

Al Wazzan Trading & Catering Company

Al Wazzan trading and catering services have been providing catering and support services to many public and private companies and government organizations in the Middle East – including ministries, educational institutions, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, health clubs, public works authorities, and on-shore and offshore rings to name a few. Mezzan Holding’s team of experts work continuously to provide the best services to clients through the company’s strong supplier base. In addition to general trading, importing, exporting, and wholesale of foodstuff, Al Wazzan Trading & Catering Co. services are embedded with extensive international experience in industrial catering. The services constitute a sizable portion of the company’s expertise in this field and lead in the development of international franchise restaurant operations in the Arabian Gulf and other countries across the Middle East.

Currently producing 20,000 meals a day, Al Wazzan catering provides large scale contract catering and services to sectors such as:

  • Event Catering: Al Wazzan Trading & Catering Co. is Mezzan Holding’s largest subsidiary specializing in event catering and camp services.
  • Healthcare: The development of the health program has been triggered by the need for quality services in hospitals. After the medical service and quality treatments that are the prime concern of any reliable health care institutions, catering and related services are the second priority to ensure that the patients feel secure and confident.
  • Educational Institutes: Our team of nutritionists in cooperation with the management of various educational institutions are continuously creating elaborate menus for these facilities.
  • Government Institutions: Our expertise in the catering segment allows us to service to esteemed government organizations in Kuwait.
  • Offshore & Onshore Services: Our catering services have expanded beyond land and we now provide world-class catering and services to offshore activities.

Using only the highest standard in ingredients and process, armed with carefully selected staff members that are the best in the industry, we cater for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, and coffee breaks on site.

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Qatar Star Services Catering

Qatar Star Services offers catering services to large public and private organizations as well as government agencies and ministries in Qatar. To provide our customers with the best services, we have built all the necessary infrastructure. Currently, we produce 110,000+ meals per day. All our food preparation areas strictly observe the HACCP and FSM Standards. Our personnel are well trained in food handling, food safety, cleanliness & hygiene, and hold valid food handler certificates. We are strictly following all prevailing regulations and guidelines related to safe food as well as transportation. The Integrated Management System adopted by our company is certified for the International QHSE Standards Quality Management Systems standard ISO 9001:2015, Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 ( ISO 22003:2013), Environmental Management System Standards ISO 14001:2015, and the ISO 45001:2015 for Health and Safety Management System.

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Oriental Catering Company

Oriental is a commercial central kitchen space owned by Mezzan Holding. It is specialized in catering, precisely in meals’ mass production and preparation to serve the government sector and enterprise. Just like other Mezzan’s subsidiaries, Oriental works to the highest standards in the food and beverage industry to meet and satisfy the Kuwaiti market expectations and maintain Al-Wazzan’s business reputation.