Mezzan Holding’s industrial business division operates through multiple manufacturing facilities in Kuwait to produce various plastics, cartons, and industrial lube oil distributed in the Gulf region. Our product range and services include:

Mezzan Food Industries Company


Our footprint in the plastic industry is widespread. We operate through the following subsidiaries in the segment:

  • Plastic Industries Company: Established in 1982, Plastics Industries company has been operating for over 38 years. We have been actively supplying the plastic manufacturing requirements of many small and large companies. We specialize in the high-quality production of injection moulding, blow moulding, roto moulding, flat dripper pipes & blown film extrusion processes. Due to our expansion in local and neighborhood markets, today, the group has three manufacturing factories that deal with processing and manufacturing an extensive catalog of plastic polymers and plastic-based products for personal and commercial use. Click Here to Learn More About Plastic Industries Company
Mezzan Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Mezzan Factory for Production of Plastic Film & PET Preforms: Mezzan PET has been providing PET preforms and HDPE caps for the bottling industry since its foundation in April of 2018. The production of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preforms and HDPE is the main focus of our company. The company also manufactures custom-designed bottle caps according to the specific requirements of customers. We are also an ISO certified entity.
Pharmaceutical Industry


Our production primarily serves Mezzan’s other business lines’ demand for packaging materials such as trays for water bottles, carton boxes for Mezzan meat products, and packaging for Mezzan’s chips and snacks product range.



Kuwait Lube Oil Company (KLOC) produces lube oil and recycles oil by-products to produce motor oil, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, radiator water, mold release oil, and other products. The company’s flagship products, HAMMER and FURY, are exported in China, Bosnia, Australia, Chad, Liberia, Yemen, KSA, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan and more.

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