Mezzan Holding’s pharmaceutical business division manufactures medicinal, wellness, and healthcare products distributed through retail and wholesale channels. The products we distribute have direct access and nationwide retail penetration across Kuwait, in addition to more than 15 pharmacies Mezzan owns and operates.

In line with our vision towards continuous growth and expansion, Mezzan Holding recently acquired Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries Company (KSPICO), a leading manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals across the Middle East. This acquisition marks a significant addition to Mezzan’s core consumer-driven healthcare business and supports our vision of expanding its access to the local and regional consumers.

Mezzan Pharmaceutical Distributor Company


Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries Company (KSPICO) was established in the 1980s to supply the local Gulf market. Its ownership included the Kuwait government, public sharing, and ACDIMA Company. Designed by a Swedish company under international standards for pharmaceutical sites, our laboratories are designed in accordance with GMP and WHO standards.

KSPCIO’s 1,068 sqm facility comprises the Product Development Lab, Analytical Chemistry Lab, Microbiology Lab, Compliance Offices, Documentation, and retention archives. The company’s product lines include the Large Volume Parenterals, Oral Solids, Oral Liquids, and Semi-Solid Department.

Mezzan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company

Large Volume Parenterals (LVP) Line

KSPICO is a pioneer in Large Volume Parenterals within the region and was completed and validated by the Pharmaplan (Germany), production in November 1995 under contract with Fresenius AG Germany. The LVP line has 71 products in the category, ranging from electrolyte solutions, nutritional preps, and much more.


Oral Solids Line

The company processes various products that fall under different pharmaceutical classifications such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, diabetic medicines, and more.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Oral Liquids Line

KSPICO currently has more than 50 products under this category in the market ranging from Analgesic Antipyretic to respiratory solutions.


Semi-Solid Line

This line produces 26 products in key segments including analgesic antipyretic, NSAID, laxatives, and antifungal medications.


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