Expanding into healthcare has been vital to the growing success of Mezzan. Generating 31.4% of the company’s revenue, Mezzan’s Healthcare and Consumer Business Line operates through four primary divisions: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Distribution, Consumer & Healthcare Distribution, and Industrials.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Mezzan Holding’s pharmaceutical business division manufactures medicinal, wellness, and healthcare products distributed through retail and wholesale channels. Mezzan enjoys an exclusive position in the Pharma-manufacturing sector since its acquisition of Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceuticals KSPICO, Kuwait’s only pharma-manufacturer. KSPICO manufactures over 160 pharmaceutical products distributed across the Gulf and is one of the few regional companies that meet the GCC Health Institutions and Secretariat General of Health (KSA) standards.


Mezzan Holding’s Pharmaceutical distribution, sales, and marketing arm are renowned for managing a portfolio of high quality, respected research-based international brands. Our healthcare distribution success is rooted in its professionalism, state of the art infrastructure, and specialized knowledge of consumers supported through Mezzan Medical.

Consumer & Healthcare Distribution

Mezzan’s Consumer & Healthcare Distribution business division distributes products from 33 premium global brands, such as Dettol and Kleenex, many of which are part of every household today. Our product distribution ranges from household items, packaged foods, and perfume products, including shampoo, conditioners, and body soaps.


Mezzan Holding’s Industrials business division complements our other divisions and operations, from manufacturing plastics and cartons to automotive and industrial lube oil. In plastics, the company supplies companies based in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Qatar through our Kuwait-based manufacturing facilities.