The Late Mr. Jassim Mohammed Ali Al Wazzan received “The National Export Association For Danish Enterprise Export Oscar”  in May 1980 which consisted of a Diploma and a sculpture called “The Sprouting Seed”.



The Danish Export Oscar is the predecessor to the “Diploma and HRH Prins Henrik’s Medal of Honor“, its current form.   This prestigious award was founded by the National Association for Danish Enterprise, Dansk Arbejde, in close co-operation with the Royal Danish Court and the Danish Ministry of Foreign affairs.  The Danish Export Oscar was a very prestigious award during the 15 years it was handed out (1967-1980), and only 150 people worldwide has received this award.


In 1982, the sculpture was replaced with the current medal and the name was changed to “Danish Workers Diploma and HRH Prins Henrik’s Medal of Honor”  and again in 2004, the name changed to its current form.  The Danish Export Association took over the administration of the medal and diploma in 2004 when Dansk Arbejde became part of the Danish Export Association.



The Diploma and Medal are awarded in recognition of an outstanding effort in promoting and marketing Danish products and services abroad, and can be given to persons and companies domiciled abroad, including subsidiaries of Danish companies.  Any exporter of Danish products and services can nominate their agents and partners abroad as possible recipients of the award.  Danish Embassies, Consulate Generals and the Danish Export Association may also nominate candidates.


The Judging Committee

The decision on awarding the Diploma and Medal is made by a judging committee chaired by HRH Prince Henrik, four representatives appointed by the Executive Committee of the Danish Export Association, and a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Diploma and Medal

The Diploma’s calligraphy is designed by Ingvard Zangenberg, while the Medal, which bears the portrait of His Royal Highness, Prince Henrik, was designed and engraved by medalist Frode Bahnsen and struck at the Royal Danish Mint.


Danish Export Association

With approximately 500 members, The Danish Export Association is the largest export association in Denmark.  The purpose of the association is to encourage trade between Danish and foreign companies and to provide a platform on which quality conscious Danish manufacturers and service providers can meet with their foreign customers and partners.  The association provides immediate access to leading Danish suppliers within industries such as wind power, postal and logistics, marine and fishing, offshore energy, mining and quarry, plus technology and interior design for airports, cruise ships, water and railways.