Jordan, January 19, 2014 — Mezzan Holding Company KSCC today announced the opening of Tazweed Center in Amman, Jordan.

“For the first time in a refugee camp, there is a large store, or supermarket, where refugees can select for themselves the goods and items they want. This was set up with help by the World Food Program.” said Laure Shidrawy, Communications Director for the World Food Program (WFP).

WFP’s senior officials and SRCD Major Al Shehab amongst other invitees attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

With vouchers, refugees can choose from a diverse list of food that are not normally included in conventional food rations. A voucher has a value of JD18 (U.S. $ 25) per person per month and is complemented by a monthly ration of rice, lentils, bulgur wheat, date bars, sugar and salt.

Tazweed provides camp infrastructure and support services, supply of food and non-food products, catering, retail services and all associated logistical services to civilian and military contingents and international organizations in MENA region.

Tazweed has developed partnerships with various UN agencies in relation to the Syrian Refugees Camps in Jordan and Kurdistan Iraq. Tazweed was awarded by the United Nations World Food Program, the construction and operation of WFP first Retail shop globally, in addition to partnering with WFP in the supply of food and support those who were affected in crisis areas.

“This partnership evolved on the basis of PPP model (Private Public Partnership), similar to the PPP within the domain of governments. This is to ensure enjoying sustainability to projects inside hostile and rough circumstances areas such as Syrian Refugees Camps in Jordan and elsewhere.  Within this context, one of our unique projects is to establish and operate a retail outlet inside Zatari Refugees Camp in Jordan (that was awarded by the United Nations World Food Program and the Government of Jordan to serve more than 100,000 Syrian refugees).  This project is about constructing a retail outlet inside Zatari Syrian Refugees Camp with the capacity to supply, maintain and manage a safe, effective and efficient food based on electronic voucher redemption system.” says Simon Khayat, General Manager.

This project is the first of its kind worldwide and according to United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). It will be the model for other refugee camps around the world.


For more information, please contact:

P.O.Box 926138, Amman 11190 Jordan.

Jamjoum Center, Floor 5, Office 501 Queen Rania Street Amman, Jordan

Tel: +962 6 6561656       Fax: +962 6 5601698

Email: info@tazweed.jo  Email: simon.khayat@tazweed.jo



About Tazweed Trading Services

Tazweed is a leading provider of customized and integrated logistics and support services in remote, demanding and hostile environments.


Tazweed offers a wide range of construction products and services, including:

  • Site support services
  • Site equipment lease
  • Food Services:
  • Project Logistics and Transport


Tazweed also provides the following services:

  • Air craft charter services
  • IT & advance cyber & physical security
  • Video surveillance, security systems and communications systems
  • Retail and grocery outlets operation
  • Food related industries distribution


  • Establish and operate bakery house




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