Bid to boost local labor market potential.

Hundreds of jobseekers queue at China Grill in Al Watiya Complex in Kuwait City recently as Mezzan Holding Company kicks off their two-day “Open Day Recruitment”.


Founded in 1944 and incorporated in 1999, Mezzan Holding Company is considered to be one of the largest and diversified conglomerates in the Middle East. Together with more than 25 subsidiary companies, Mezzan Holding Company has been a market leader in providing agriculture, consumer manufacturing, distribution and wholesale from pharmaceutical to household products, food processing, supply services and retailing. “Our products are diverse from food to your everyday household needs. And as we continually expand, we need top caliber individuals to fill our job vacancy slots,” said Abdullah Faisal Al Wazzan, Purchase Manager for Khazan and one of the interviewers. “This recruitment event is also a way of re-introducing our company to the public,” added Al Wazzan.
To further support partners and brands, Al Muntasser Pharmaceutical chain of pharmacies started in 2003 to provide direct services to the Kuwaiti community. Pharmacies are leveraging products and brands throughout the Mezzan Holding Company businesses carrying over 4000 items in ten thousand sqm of retail space per store. “The pharmaceutical division of Mezzan Holding Company is ranked third in Kuwait in terms of count and sales. The demand is increasing and we are on our way to establish our 21st pharmacy location,” pointed out Dr Joseph Ramzy, Pharmacy Group Supervisor during the recruitment event.


Mezzan Holding Company offers the opportunity to work alongside professionals in a fast paced dynamic environment which practices clear open communication channels and encourages free thinking, enabling decisions to be made with speed and accuracy. “Applicants and would-be hired employees expect a good working atmosphere. At Mezzan Holding Company, the management and employee relationship is without a doubt like family,” enthused Shady Elslamony, Assistant HR Manager, HR Services. “We are looking for candidates with exceptional skills and who would be with us for long-term. Furthermore, this recruitment activity is not just about filling gaps but also a vehicle to tell the public that we are a stable company and is recognized for the quality of products and services that we deliver,” stated Elslamony.
Mezzan Holding Company represents a rich Kuwaiti legacy of strong principles, which founder Jassim Al Wazzan practiced and inspired in his sons and employees. Mezzan Holding Company and its affiliates and subsidiaries have a long and proud tradition of community leadership and are committed to meeting the challenges and opportunities created by a changing global, regional, and local marketplace. Mezzan Holding Company’s commitment to responsible business practices includes reducing environmental impact, investing in employees and providing high-quality, safe products and services that respond to the needs and of the communities they serve. As a leading Kuwaiti and regional company, the company’s goal is to deliver superior returns to stakeholders and exceptional value to customers in a sustainable manner. The company’s commitment to the corporate responsibility is one of many ways they achieve long-term growth.“We are grateful for the remarkable feedback that we have received from this recruiting event. It is our aim to boost the potential of the local labor market where we owe the most followers of our products and services. We are looking forward to serving the Kuwait clientele by hiring more highly skilled individuals from this activity,” Jacqueline Mitchell, Group HR Manager said.