Mezzan to handle marketing, sales, warehousing, and retail distribution of Capri-Sun products in the UAE

Kuwait, December 8, 2020 — Mezzan Holding KSC, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of food, healthcare, and consumer products in the Gulf, today announced it signed an exclusive 3-year distribution agreement with Capri Sun, the popular German juice brand known for its iconic stand-up pouches.

Under the agreement Unitra Mets Group, a subsidiary of Mezzan Holding, will handle the marketing, sales, warehousing and distribution of the Capri Sun portfolio across retail channels in the UAE through the company’s widespread distribution network. The brand’s product range includes the Original Standard Pouches (available in Strawberry, Orange, Mango and Mixed Fruit flavours) and the Fruit Crush with no added sugar (available in Orange, Mango and Mixed Fruit flavours).

Mezzan Holding Vice Chairman Mohammad Jassim Mohammad Al Wazzan said: “Capri Sun is the perfect addition to Mezzan’s beverage portfolio. Using our extensive relationships with private and cooperative supermarkets, hypermarkets and top retailers in the UAE we are well-positioned to incorporate the brand into our sales and distribution network and look forward to seeing the product in every household.”

Capri Sun is a German juice brand owned by Capri Sun Group Holding in Switzerland. Recognisable by its iconic silver stand-up pouch, Capri Sun products are made with real fruit juice and water and are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.