Tazweed PSC, a subsidiary of Mezzan Holding Company KSCC is pleased to announce that it has been awarded two humanitarian relief contracts. The United Nations World Food Program (the “WFP”) announced two humanitarian relief contracts to Tazweed PSC through a competitive bid process.

The WFP, the United Nations’ food assistance arm responsible for addressing hunger fighting and food security, is currently undertaking great efforts in the MENA region to improve the living standards and conditions of Syrian refugees.

The two contracts awarded are to supply the WFP with:

  1. Canned food to Beirut, Lebanon and Damascus, Syria; and
  2. Food rations to Erbil, Kurdistan.

Both the canned food and the food rations will be disturbed among vulnerable refugees who have been struck by humanitarian disaster.

Tazweed strongly believes in its partnership with the WFP and the importance of humanitarian aid and it is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this vital work. Tazweed wishes to reconfirm its commitment to and long-term vision for its existing partnership with the WFP in both food supply and food retail outlets. Tazweed looks forward to continuing its work in cooperation with the WFP and other stakeholders to create concrete, organized, reliable and sustainable services and projects, enabling and ensuring a new phase of growth and development that Tazweed hopes will contribute to raising the living standards of Syrian refugees. The current operation of Tazweed’s existing projects clearly demonstrates commitment to the WFP and the Syrian beneficiaries despite tough and challenging circumstances.

For further information, please see the Tazweed Trading Services website or contact:

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