Blood Donation equal to saving lives.

Under the slogan “Blood Donation equal to saving lives”, and out of a sense of humanitarian and national belonging, Mezzan Holding Company hosted the Mobile Unit Team of the Central Blood Bank as part of a blood donation campaign by itsemployees. This campaign was held for two days on 18th and 25th January, 2012 from 8 AM to 1 PM where their employeesparticipated in this campaign.


On this occasion, The Group Chief Executive Officer Garry Walsh stated “It was a very important occasion and we are lookingforward to do similar donation campaigns in the future. He added: “The objective behind this campaign is to give an example ofsocial responsibility and national are the principles of Mezzan Holding Company and we urge all the other companies, citizens and residents to donate blood regularly to save the lives of sick and injured, and this humanitarian work fall under the principles ofMezzan Holding Company and its founders and we promise Kuwait to provide more similar social campaigns.


The Mezzan Holding Company was founded with roots going back to 1940 when the late Jassim Mohammed AlWazzan began his trading business. That business continued to thrive over the decades with a distinction in the Food Industry, FMCG, Services, Logistics, Medical and Pharmacetical in the Gulf Arab region, all of which met under one umbrella with the establishment of the Mezzan Holding Company in 1999. This has helped to further increase the focus on quality and excellent performance to ensure the continued growth to preserve the lead in domestic and overseas markets while maintaining social values​​.

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