Afia commenced trading in Afghanistan in September of 2013 and has had a highly successful first seven months since its inauguration.

Afia FZE, a Dubai based company with an operating branch in Afghanistan, provides food products and services as a sub-contractor to a major US Department of Defence (DoD) contract. Our notable achievements include:
* Production of almost 1,000 tons of locally made bread products in our first 7 months.
* Delivery of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables (FF&V), maintaining supply and quality.
* Import of regional products which boosts local economic development.

Establishing safe and efficient operations in Afghanistan is not easy, especially at a time of political change and increased security threat. Afia recruited a new team in June of 2013 to deliver a project which had not previously been undertaken within Mezzan. In 2013 all of our Afghan facilities achieved DoD standards of audit and operation and are internationally recognised as suppliers of food to the US Government. This has enabled us to deliver food products in a post-war country facing many old and new challenges.

Our bakery operation was established in September 2013 and continues to provide excellent quality products. We import locally made ready products from GCC countries and the Central Asian States by land, sea and air achieving short-order deadlines and proving excellent distribution capability. Requesting a local FF&V solution in Afghanistan was a first for the DoD and one achieved in by Afia with many financial and logistical savings at all levels.

Our success can be attributed to the hard work of our carefully selected team and the ability to run a fluid business that is able to react to a changing commercial and political environment in an unstable region.

We aim to continue supplying this contract at a high standard whilst making inroads into the local Afghan commercial market, and capitalising on some of the excellent food export opportunities available in Afghanistan.

Please visit our webpage for services and contact information: Afia Trading Services