We are a manufacturer and distributor of food, beverage, FMCG, and pharmaceutical products

  • 7 Countries
  • 7,500 Employees
  • 25,000+ SKU’s
  • 100,000 Meals catered daily
  • 130,000 m2 in Manufacturing facilities

Our Growth Story Continues

Our impact on society extends beyond the products we sell. We employ over 7,500 employees in our markets and with our listing on the Kuwait Stock Exchange in the third quarter of 2015, everyone has the opportunity to be part of our success and growth story.

Our business composition

Evolving into a public trade company

Mezzan Holding operates through 29 vertically integrated and companies. Our legacy brands (such as Al Wazzan, KITCO and Khazan) coupled with our renowned agency brands (such as Softy, Johnson & Johnson, Dettol and Red Bull in UAE) enjoy superior brand recognition and consumer loyalty.

In recent years, Mezzan Holding has embarked on a series of institutionalization initiatives to evolve the company into a regional, lean and efficient organization. The initiatives included organizational enhancements, acquisitions of complementary and value-chain boosting businesses, and the introduction of even more robust governance procedures. The next step of this institutionalization effort is evolving Mezzan Holding from a privately-held company to a company that is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange in 2015. To stay updated with our listing process, please check our Investor Relations page.

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