Mezzan Holding K.S.C. was founded in the early 1940s and reincorporated in 1999 under the current holding structure with a paid up capital of KWD 29.65 million. Today, Mezzan Holding’s operations span across the Gulf and other select markets through 29 vertically integrated operating companies. Our legacy brands, including Al Wazzan, KITCO and Khazan, coupled with our agency brands, have earned superior brand recognition, consumer loyalty, deep market penetration and vast market reach.

7 Countries
7,500 Employees
25,000 SKUs
350+ Brands
100,000 Meals catered daily
21% Market share within operated categories

2016 Highlights

  • Entered the Saudi market through a strategic acquisition of 70% of Al Safi Foods Company (now rebranded to Mezzan Food), and in partnership with Al Faisaliah Group. Mezzan Food is currently undergoing a turn-around.
  • Strong performance in core consumer staples driven by Mezzan brands in Kuwait and regionally, and new business acquisitions -most notably the Danone business, and the expansion of production capability in Qatar and other markets.
  • Record revenues of KD 207.4 million and record underlying profit.
  • Strong Q4 with 12.9% increase in revenue, and 23.1% in net profit supported by growth in core business, led by in-house brands and new factories coming on line
  • New catering contracts in second half reversed a previously declining top-line trend (+17.8% in Q4)
  • Sequential improvement in UAE trends
  • Strong performance in Services Sector
  • A third of stock covered by Warehouse Management Systems, and 19% of sales done through handheld devices

Understanding Mezzan

Mezzan Holding is an integrated business with commercial operations in manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale and contract services. The company’s activities, which are run through 29 subsidiaries, are grouped into two main business lines: Food Business Line and Non-Food Business Line, with each business line directly contributing to Mezzan’s revenue and net profit. Below is an infographic of our business lines and divisions, and their contribution to Mezzan Holding’s revenue based on Full Year 2016 audited earnings.


Food Business Line

Generating 74.9% of the company’s revenue, Mezzan’s Food Business Line operates through three primary divisions: Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution, Catering and Services.

Non-food Business Line

Generating 25.1% the company’s revenue, Mezzan’s Non-Food Business Line comprises two divisions: FMCG (household and pharmaceutical products) and Industrials.